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What is Natagri

An agricultural company that specializes in consultancy, management and trade

Founded in March 2014, Natagri S.A.L is specialized in the agribusiness field. With an innovative concept for the Lebanese 2030 agricultural sector, we aim at developing a sustainable agriculture system in Lebanon in order to access international markets.

Through all its activities, Natagri is socially responsible towards workers health, safety and welfare as well as towards the environments sustainability. We make sure to provide the best working environment for the personnel in all indoor and outdoor activities.

Why us ?

Social Responsibility

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services that promote sustainable development, financial management, human resource management, stock management, information systems, technical assistance, product certification, commercialization, marketing, quality control, traceability…

The objective is to deliver economic value to customers through premium quality and health by offering conventional certified agricultural products.

Our Vision

While being actively involved in the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Lebanon, our vision is to restructure the agriculture production societies in Lebanon by offering the appropriate means and skills that will help upgrade the Lebanese agricultural sector to an international level.

Our Startegy

Our strategy is to create a long-term solution for the survival of the agricultural sector and its participants in rural areas by regrouping projects and consolidating their position in the agriculture chain. We aim at targeting and integrating vertically all the elements and the actors of the fruits and vegetables supply chain by acting on 4 different axis:

  • Grouping agricultural lands
  • Land management
  • Post-harvest Management
  • Commercialization

This strategy will lead them to enhance their competitive capacities.

What we do

Our unique services

Input Supply

We provide at low prices fertilizers, pesticides and modern agricultural machineries.

Input Supply

The input supply unit covers both purchases and sales operations of agricultural input supplies. Through its numerous national and international suppliers, it provides the best agricultural input supplies covering fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural materials and all kinds of supplies with competitive prices and at the best quality.

Service Provider Center

We provide a wide range of mechanization, labor, quality control and standards implementation services.

Service Provider Center

The service provider center offers a wide range of mechanization, labor, quality control and standards implementation services. NATAGRI’s machinery frontend are specialized to vineyards and orchards and the workers are well trained to perform specific agricultural practices with expertise.

Project Management

We control all the aspects of the agricultural projects to cover the whole process of production from farm to fork.

Project Management

The project management unit is the first of its kind in Lebanon. Applying the most advanced techniques in management, it works on implementing agricultural projects and controlling all its aspects in order to cover the whole process of production from farm to fork.


We provide on-site consultancies, professional trainings and technical, financial and market studies.


Our team of well competent agricultural engineers and experts provides on-site consultancy covering a wide range of crops and multiple disciplines: land, soil and water management, pest control, plant maintenance, ecotourism… We provide on-site consultancies, professional trainings and on-site follow-ups.

Fruits and Vegetables

We provide post-harvest management for a wide range of fruits and vegetables and linkages with local and international distribution networks.

Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables unit ensures post-harvest management for a wide range of Global GAP certified fruits and vegetables. It makes sure that fresh products destined for the local or international market are packed, stored and transported within the required standards and delivered while preserving their high end quality.

Our Products

The products that make all the difference

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Address 1: 2 Park Avenue, Beirut, Central District, Lebanon Address 2: Ghazza Center, 3rd Floor, Chtaura Main Road, Chtaura, Bekaa, Lebanon Phone: +961 (8) 542 332 Email: natagri@natagri.co